PFC Slavia won the case v BFU

On 8 December 2010, the Sofia Administrative Court rendered its decision in the case PFC Slavia Sofia v. the Bulgarian Football Union for the non-registration of the player, Iliya Iliev, in February 2010. The Court decided that the BFU had no valid reason to refuse to register the player Iliev for PFC Slavia Sofia and declared the BFU decision null and void. In addition, BFU is condemned to pay to PFC Slavia BGN 2,050 and to Iliya Iliev BGN 500 as costs The decision is a precedent, since BFU was of the opinion so far that its decisions cannot be challenged before the Administrative Court. Obviously, BFU were wrong!

PFC Slavia Sofia was represented by adv. Ivan Sotirov and Georgi Gradev.

The Decision (in Bulgarian)