Nikolay Harizanov v Minyor Pernik

On 3 May 2011, the Supreme Court of Cassation decided to annul the Orders issued by the Pernik courts in the labor dispute between the player, Nikolay Harizanov, and the club, PFC Minyor Pernik, and to refer the case back to first instance for pronunciation on the merits of the dispute between the said parties.

It was unbelievable that a couple of Pernik courts decided earlier that the contract entered into between the parties in 2010 was not an employment contract, and that the parties should litigate at the BFU Arbitration Court, which is manifestly not competent to decide upon employment-related disputes, as provided for in Art. 360.1 of the Labor Code in connection with Art. 19.1 of the Code of Civil Proceedings.

Nikolay Harizanov is represented by adv. Vessela Petrova-Sacheva and Georgi Gradev.

SCC Order