Makedonikos fined by FIFA

In April 2010, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) condemned the Greek club, FC Makedonikos, to pay the Bulgarian player, Tzvetomir Tchipev, a fixed amount of money for outstanding salaries and compensation for unjustified breach of contract.

Makedonikos failed to pay on time and the matter was referred to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, which rendered the following, on 31 August 2010, delivered to the parties on 6 October 2010:

1. Makedonikos is fined CHF 10,000.
2. Makedonikos has a final period of grace of 30 days to pay Tchipev.
3. If not, 6 points will be deducted from Makedonikos’s active in the Greek Championship.
4. Yet, in case of no payment after the deduction of points, Makedonikos will be relegated to a lower league.
5. The Hellenic Football Federation (HFF) must implement the DC decision under the threat to be expulsed from all FIFA competitions in case of non-compliance.
6. Makedonikos must pay FIFA CHF 2,000 as costs of DC proceedings.

Tzvetomir Tchipev was represented before FIFA and CAS by Georgi Gradev.