FIVB ITC Procedure & Fees

The Bulgarian Volleyball Federation (BVF) is persistently misleading the Bulgarian volleyball players and clubs about the applicable rules for the issue of International Transfer Certificates (ITCs), by putting forth that the procedure has to be instigated in Bulgaria, for a Bulgarian player going abroad, and that BVF is entitled to receive a transfer fee (from Eur 500 to Eur 10,000). Such procedure and fees find no legal grounds whatsoever in the applicable FIVB Sports Regulations, edition March 2009.

Another myth established by BVF is that the ITC has to be issued year-by-year. An ITC can be issued for the entire term of the contract between the player and the club and BVF assistance is not needed every year.

Furthermore, no transfer/ITC fee whatsoever is due to BVF, CEV or FIVB for a player transferred to A2 level or below.

Moreover, BVF can represent the player and his new club of origin, if any, in the transfer negotiations with the new club and its federation, but has no right whatsoever to ask for a transfer fee for itself, as BVF is not the owner of the player’s federative rights and it can never be. This is also the position under the Bulgarian Sports Law Act and its Regulations for Application, as well as the recent jurisprudence of the Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court in the case “GRADEV SPORTS LTD. v BVF” of April 2010.

The Bulgarian volleyball players and clubs are victims of their own ignorance, since they are continuing to pay (illegal) transfer/ITC fees to BVF (e.g. Eur 10,000 for a free player).

FIVB ITC New Procedure 2010

FIVB ITC Procedure Manual 2010