FIFPro against civil court proceedings in football

“In a dispute with two Dutch Players (represented by the Dutch Players’ Union VVCS) before the FIFA DRC the Cypriot club AEL Limassol tries to evade FIFA jurisdiction by starting a civil court case in Cyprus.

They do so, although FIFA Statutes and the contract between the players and the club indicate otherwise. The case was already pending before the FIFA court when the club started its objectionable action.
FIFPro calls for FIFA action here and approached the FIFA Disciplinary Committee in order to have the club fined and suspended. Van Megen: "In previous cases where clubs approached civil courts these clubs were sanctioned with a suspension for international matches for a period of five years starting from the first year a club qualifies for international competition. Such sanction in combination with a substantial fine should be enough to stop actions like the one that AEL Limassol started."”

FIFPro article