Another BFU failure

To unlawfully reject PFC Slavia’s application to register the player, Iliya Iliev, in February 2010, the Bulgarian Football Union gathered whole 3 incompetent BFU organs, which rendered the preposterous decision/opinion that Iliya Iliev has had an ongoing employment contract with OFC Sliven-2000 at the then date, despite of the fact that it was not contested Iliya Iliev having sent a notice of termination and OFC Sliven-2000 having received it on 8 February 2010.

The matter was submitted to the Sliven County Court, which explained in the relevant judgment, dated 30 July 2010, to the ignorant of the BFU that: “An employment contract shall be terminated as from the date of receipt of a written statement for termination of a contract - in case of termination without notice” (cf. Art. 335.(2).3 of the Bulgarian Labor Code).

The Court Judgment